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Just curious about other free paint programs


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I feel wrong for asking this but a lot of times I see other paint programs suggested by the mods so I thought it might be okay to query. Are there perhaps other free paint programs that can help me do what I do faster?


I can't show you any of my 'art' as I like to keep my anonymity in connection with it. But I draw out my images with pencil, scan them in, clean them up then color them in. Usually with paint bucket but sometimes I'll add textures and such.


Anyway biggest areas time is consumed is in the clean up (connecting the lines, clearing away little dots) and in putting in the dialogue, especially the word bubbles themselves. At the moment it takes me about 3-5 hours to clean up and color in a 3000 by 3000 image.


So if there is a program out there that has some magical feature to speed all that up that I can't even imagine, I would be grateful.

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We sometimes refer to another image editor (usually IrFanView) when features sought are not available in paint.net.


We're happy to help you use paint.net.  If you want other recommendations then I think you're best asking elsewhere.  That said, I'll leave this thread open in case anyone can help you using paint.net.

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