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Shiny Glass Balls


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Helen's the queen of shiny etheral images but I will give it a shot.


For globes I use my FishEye Plugin 


*When merging layers start at the bottom first!! 



The reflection patterns can be played with by adding more layers with Screen, Glow and lighten mode. There are really no rules on the reflection gradients 

( this was originally posted as a reply to a forum question and since youtube lasts forever...)

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Awesome tut! It's interesting to see the method you used to create your glossy. Love it how you also use the transparency mode rather than the Wet Floor Reflection plugin to create the reflection. 

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Inspired by this tutorial, and also by these two Photoshop tutorials, here are my clear crystal ball :







Many thanks for writing the plugin, TechnoRobbo !


Cheerio !


Picture source : http://pixabay.com/en/door-port-building-flowers-215349/

Edited by Nai


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