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Selecting Human Hair

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Hello all!


I'm having trouble turning blonde hair into brown hair, especially when the hair is all over the place.  My main issue is with selecting the hair to put into a new layer.  What's the best way to select hair without picking up extra non-hair pixels?  I usually just use the eraser tool with a fairly low hardness setting (<20%) to erase whatever I want to disappear but it's very hard to keep flyaway strands with this method.  The issue only becomes a big deal when I drastically change the color of the selection i.e.  blonde to brown.  This is the image I plan on practicing on (because why not have some eye candy while working on some skills?): 




I started layering some color on but got very frustrated by small strands of hair that make it obvious what the original color was when they are ignored.


Here is a quick look at where I'm at.  It's still far from finished but it illustrates my problem well enough.:



Please advise?



Thanks much!

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Thanks for the link, I applied for access so hopefully I'll get that tutorial soon.  Sounds perfect!


I just took another crack at it and decided to just color very broadly and then erase away when I got something useful.  I still dont have the color where I want (the goal was to match the eyebrows) but it's late and this is taking a while.  Here's what I've got in case anyone's interested:



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