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CosmicPainter's Gallery: Spacescapes


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I just made an account today and will begin posting my work here, 'cause why not? 


All of my pieces are spacescapes, or images of space. I love making space pictures, it's so much fun. 


I just started making these yesterday, believe it or not, and after a plethora of researching and learning I have a pretty solid foundation of how to create them. 


I only have one complete, two if you count one I made for my music (more info on that later), but there's a lot more in the making. 


Without further adieu, I am please to present the first official release of CosmicPainter's creations!

(Name Unknown q.q) 




More will come later. 


Enjoy! :D




Ok here's another one! 


This one I made for my Music Logo (Final Impact Music) and this is really what got me interested in making space art. 




(If you want to hear some of my music work as well then feel free to take a look at my soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/finalimpactmusic




Here's the third one. This one I incorporated a choppy waves tutorial I found! :D






Here's my fourth picture! :D


Finally figured out the water reflect plugin, one of my favorite effects to use now ^_^






"White Dwarf"


5th picture and it wouldn't be here without Dryda's awesome solar atmosphere tutorial!



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As a first image? I love it.

As an general image? I still love it.


The rings are by far my favourite part. They are just the right density! A couple of things I'd personally change are making the red dust around slightly more transparent and rotating the planet so it's lighting is facing directly towards the star (it's slightly off at the moment).  The comet looks good; I'd try making the tail slightly more dense with different colours though! (Oh and comets are very rarely spherical. If you want to get into Physics, the comet's tail is always pointing directly away from the star!)


Overall, fantastic image. I'm gonna be keeping an eye on this gallery

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Great start Cosmic. Dryda got there before me with the tips though. I was going to say something similar. Just like to add that the reason the comet tail always points away from the sun is because of the solar wind. Like a flag changes direction here on Earth.


Not much more to be said really except keep up the good work! ;)

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Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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Very lovely start CP! 


On some of your images there are a few jaggies or pixelation.

You can over come this by a few different methods.

1. Gaussian blur at low levels.

2. Use Feather or a combo of Feather & Anti Alias Assistant.

3. Start with a canvas either 2x or 4x the finish size. 


I generally use a bigger canvas & a combination of the other things mentioned & then reduce it down. Really good when you do a bit of cutting out on roundish/curved shapes, as pixels are square & remain that way. Inflexible little things they are. 


The rings are so well done & your ideas are fantastic. So glad you started a gallery here. Well done!


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Really nice image! My favourite part is definitely the background. In reality, I would assume that the planet would be slightly brighter (as in, less black areas!) since you have the added light of the reflection also - and of the planet you're situated on.

Overall great image, your first is still my favourite though I'd say :D Keep it up!


Oh and about the sizes, you could embed them in "thumb" tags.


Outcome of your newest image: http://i.imgur.com/phKvpNJ.png

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