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Wand tool doesn't seem to make pictures transparent anymore.

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I haven't used Paint.net in a while now so it hadn't been updated in a while on my old laptop, but I just got a new laptop and downloaded Paint.net on it. 


I don't know the last version that I had on my old computer but when I used the Wand tool on a selected part of a picture and then deleted it, it would make the selected area transparent. I would use this for sports jersey concepts by changing colours on sports logos or getting rid of the background so I could move the actual logo (sans background) onto a jersey template or field template or what have you.


Now when I do that it makes the selected, deleted space black instead of transparent so when I move the logo (or anything) over to another open picture it brings the black background. I've tried using the layer opacity, but the logo (or any picture) and the background are on the same layer so it makes the logo transparent as well. 


Basically I'm asking if I'm still able to make parts of a picture transparent instead of black. Or is there some black layer that I'm not understanding?



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Sounds like you are pressing Backspace instead of Delete.

Delete fillt with the transparent color.

Backspace fills with the primary color.

Shift+Backspace fills with the secondary color.

Whoops, that's exactly it. New laptop and all I couldn't find the other non numerical key delete button.



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