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faded soften

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Step by step, but basically the same as BoltBaits answer.

1) Duplicate the layer containing the object to be blurred.

2) Blur the top layer by the maximum blur desired.

3) Set the primary color to White 100% transparency (opaque) and the secondary color to White with 0% transparency (transparent)

4) Draw a linear gradient (or any other type of gradient really) on the blurred layer with the alpha only option selected.

5) Adjust the opaqity of the blurred layer to your preferences.

6) You're done!

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Oh my god!

So many steps for a special marked part of an image.

I think it will be easier the way I done it before marking parts of the array and do soften in added steps...

Thank you both for your support :D

Its 3 steps really:

1. Duplicate original layer.

2. Blur top layer at desired amount

3. Draw transparent Gradient.

Thats it!

I do it all the time.


Take responsibility for your own intelligence. ;) -Rick Brewster

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Maybe we don't understand what you were asking.

Perhaps if you could show us an example...

OK. Here you are:

the source file with the blue marked array: DOTTED_(source).bmp

the first step: faded blured array: DOTTED_blured_STEP#1.bmp

the second steps: faded blured and faded gamma ( lightend for daylight and darkend for a local backward light source in the dark ): DOTTED_blured_and_lightend_STEP#2.bmp


this could be reallize with a slider with directions darken/lighten

The effect will be a photorealistic depth :idea:

:?: If this was programable as an effect it would be great :D

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