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how to reshape pictures

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i am trying to put separate or individual pictures up on a "hall of fame". i need to create the impression of looking down the tunnel and the pictures giving off then same impression. i am lousy at explaining and wording. thank you all.

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Hello. :)

To start, make sure your "hall of fame" and your inserted images are on separate layers, each image on their own layer.
Now for example, lets say in your Hall of Fame you have blank picture frames. To reshape pictures and have them fit the picture frames as if they were the pictures that are being displayed, try these suggestions and plugins below...
-- Try going to Menu Bar > Layers Tab > Rotate/Zoom. Play with rotate zoom and see if it helps you with anything.
-- Try the Quadrilateral Reshape plugin from this plugin pack.
-- Try the Distort This! plugin.
-- Try the Perspective plugin.
-- Try the Grid Warp Plugin.
-- You can also check out this mini tutorial too, "Billboarding" One Image onto Another.


Don't know how to install plugins? See how here : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1708-how-to-install-pluginsgeneral-plugin-troubleshooting-thread/

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