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Image resize / crop in effect plugin

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Is it possible to resize or crop an image in an effect?  (or operate like the magic wand and set the current selection area?)   I am developing a plugin with a set of effects to help in my job, one of which is to quickly identify a dialog in a screenshot and crop it (see example image). Given that the overridden Render method is dealing with ROI's (regions of interest) and updating an equally sized destination surface from a source surface, I'm thinking that an effect may not be the best place for this functionality.  


(Workaround: I could get the effect to set everything but the dialog to a single color making the magic wand selection tool with a low tolerance, then a selection inversion, able to identify the region to 'Crop to selection' work cleanly.)




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Hello Bruce - welcome to the forum!

As I understand, you cannot change the selection or canvas size from within a plugin.
The plugin rules are here btw:

On my 'Composition tool' plugin I change the unwanted areas to transparent white (bgra = 255,255,255,0) . Once the plugin has run, the user can select this area, invert the selection and crop to selection.


Hope that helps


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