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Hi, I was hoping to make a site with listing of all the plug ins and tutorials from here for easier access to all users. Due to the fact you guys own the plug ins / tutorials I need your permission to put them on the site.

How it will work:

There will be a web pages listing the plug ins, and a link to the plug in with a brief description and author. When a user clicks the link there will be another page with the content copied and pasted but on the site. And it will link to the original author of course [website, email, any way you prefer]. This goes the same for tutorials it is just copy and paste content.

So you will get a link to your site which is credit. Another thing, the download link is just copied and pasted too if its a plug in.


I am also hoping it could be used to make a big plugin pack for easy downloading of all of the plugins in one download! As well as tutorials.

I might also make a forum for users but this one is pretty good anyway.


So if you are interested, post

1. Link to article

2. Name [website or email etc.]

3. Are you interested in it being included in a pack with all other plugins.


This will be an easy index just for the benefit of paint.net users, with some more paint.net stuff by me and community.

Anyone interested

"By trying to reinvent the wheel every time we find very often with square wheels" ...X-blaster

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erm... i don't really see the benefit? they're all here; why create a second place for them?

the download link is just copied and pasted too if its a plug in

That's not a good idea - it could be seen as leeching. Much better to acquire permission to host it yourself.

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Why make a site to only link to the posts in the forum ???


What I am doing with Dextut (Dan working on a layout) is hosting the tutorials that people let me host. So there images and everything will be hosted for them and they wont have to worry about them as most people use free image hosts who may delete there accounts. Plus my webhost just added another 1 TB to my 2 TB of bandwith so now I got 3 TB for bandwith and unlimited space. How ever Dextut will only be a tutorial website and not a plugin site because plugin change all the time with updates. that would mean I have to give every plugin maker his/her own FTP access for update the files.

I think you should re-think about plugins and about making a page just to link. Tutorials are already listed here so liking would be the same as going to the tutorial forum. Dan, Bolt, and Rick do a very good job at keeping tutorials in the tutorial forum and non-tutorials out of there.

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