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How can I make this Effect?

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1. Here's what I did...create a new Paint.Net doc.

2. Click on the circle select and draw a circle by holding down shift.

3. Change your primary color to white and your secondary color to a dark brown.

4. Click on Effects>Clouds. Turn the scale down a bit...the lower the scale the smaller the cloudy area...I used 184 and 50.

5. Once clouds are on, add noise via the Effects>Add noise menu...I used 64 and 0.

6. Motion blur that the direction you want it to go...I used 141 degrees and 22 px.

7. Adjust the Brightness/Contrast under adjustments...I used -72 and 58.

8. Gaussian blur @ 2 px.

9. Add a layer of black/white clouds and set layer blending to overlay.

By playing around with these settings, I'm sure you'd be able to make something close to that. Does this help at all?

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