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Customizing the Child Windows

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Are there any methods to customize the subwindows, or even attach them to the sides of the screen?  I'm sort of a newcomer from MS Paint, being forced to finally upgrade to make use of the more advanced features.  But everything feels so weird and... a pain really.


I have a large monitor so the sub-windows are quite tiny.  I need to shove my face into the screen to see what I'm doing.  I've never been a fan of floating subwindows, would rather see them as attached bars so I don't have to move them all the time.  And since this is a nicer program with more features, are there ways to customize subwindows like the color window?  I don't need the color wheel unless I'm doing more advanced stuff with the sliders.  However I would definitely love to have more programmable slots for custom colors that I can pick in a hurry.

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Welcome to the forum Drakeero!

The History and Layers can be resized (width vs height). Not so the Tools or Colors Windows. Colors has the expanded or default modes as dictated by the More & Less buttons.

All the child windows can be relocated by dragging the title bar. You can even drag them off the canvas or onto another monitor if you have two connected. Note how they snap to the edge of the editing window? Very cool B)

Toggle the windows on or off with the function keys F5, F6, F7 & F8.

None of the windows can be changed into a tool bar. Sorry.

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Edit: Split this topic out of an older thread.

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