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Can't install after update...

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When Paint.NET 4.0.3 became available I was asked if I wanted to install the update after closing Paint.NET. I, eager to install a better Paint.NET clicked "yus plox". After closing Paint.NET it started to uninstall itself, it then began installing the new version. As soon as it attempted to install the new version I got an error. I've been without Paint.NET ever since.


The error in question:
"Fatal error during installation.", damn glad to have the "details" there to help!


The log file read the following:


"Key not valid for use in specified state.", wow such elaborate!

I have not been able to find a fix for these errors anywhere on the internet and I just want Paint.NET. I wrecked my registry and ripped out everything "Paint.NET", deleted all temporary and installation files, deleted all installed files, etc. I even tried removing all RSA keys, assuming that was what they were b*tching about, but that didn't do much either.

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Well this seems to be a windows problem that I may owe to the last update, yeay! I can't use system restore since it is spammed with installations for Paint.NET and reinstalling Microsoft .NET doesn't work either... Not entirely sure where this leaves me, any tips?

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Search around this forum for "1603" and try those steps to fix the problem.

Thanks but the first place I looked for a solution was, of course, this forum. And it turns out 1603 is the most vague error possible so it doesn't seem very relevant... Anyway I am sure the solution is not on this forum. I have contacted Microsoft and of course, I will post the solution here.

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