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Paint.net doesn't remember window position

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since the beta of version 4 until the current (4.0.3) it simply doesn't remember neither the window position nor the position of the toolwindows. They always start in the corners. I found the keys in the registry where that data is stored, those values simply reset each start. 

I have Visual Studio installed, I can send you MemoryDumps, registry exports or you can try TeamViewer to see it happen. A bugfix would be greatly appreciated.




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I have had this problem regularly since updating as well. I close it maximized and the next day I will open it up and it is minimized . It seems completely random as there are times when it will open just fine. I know it`s easy enough to just max it again manually but it gets a bit irritating. Strangely though, the tool window positions are always OK whether it opens maxed or minimized .



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Rick is aware of the issue. Please don't feel your post(s) have been ignored just because they weren't answered in person.

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Yes I have noticed that no matter how many times I save my Shape3D window size it still always starts small again.


A fix for 4.06 maybe?


That would be a problem for the plugin developer, not Rick.


I think the OP was talking about the four satellite windows: tools, palette, history, and layers.  If you're having problems with paint.net remembering those locations, I'm sure Rick will look into it.

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