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Distortions in Fill tool after upgrading to 4.0.3.

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Since I upgraded to 4.0.3, I've been having trouble the Fill tool. I've been using the Fill Modes called "Large Checker Board" and "Light Upward Diagonal". Below is an example (magnified to 400%) of what happens when I fill a rectangular area using Light Upward Diagonal pattern:


See the discontinuity near the top and left-hand edges of the area? This never occurred with the previous version, so I'm guessing perhaps there's a bug in 4.0.3. For some reason, the distortions only appear when I click "Finish" or press Enter or Esc. Until I do that, the pattern is just fine, but when I finish, it changes and gets messed up as shown above.


The quirks I'm experiencing with Large Checker Board pattern are more difficult to describe, so I won't even try.


If there's some way to make the Fill tool act normally again, I would very much appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance,


Joose Sauli


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Yeah I'll need to fix this in a 4.0.4 update, probay sometime next month.

If you can send it to me via email, with the Help -> Send Feedback, that will help me keep track of it better.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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