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Help with DDS files in Paint.Net(n.dds/s.dds/sp.dds)

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Hi all,


I use Paint.Net for any graphics or texture making projects and recently I started making Skins/Textures for the game Mafia II. The problem I'm facing is there is 3 dds files that I can't quite figure out. The n.dds is a normalmap and the last two aren't normalmaps but I attached a picture so you can see what they look like.


I've searched around and seen there was a Normalmap renderer on here but wasn't exactly sure if that would actually would for the n.dds file.  Any recommendations?


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I'm not sure the formatting issue is one that the paint.net forum can help with due to the specific nature of the files involved.


Have you tried posting your request in a forum for game mods?

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