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Anyone know how to make something likes this

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Hi - I will send you a bill for doing this later :lol: .

For the Plugin Index go here to find them, if you don't have the ones I've used.
1.  Open PDN go to File – New – and enter the size 400 x 400
2.  On this layer use a Linear gradient with the colors:  29284C  &  29284C
3.  Make a new layer and draw lines, brush width #15 – from the center outwards,
    with the colors AB1E58 - D14C1D - 8E8100 - 60A726 – 005791 - 29284C - FF0000 - FFFF3A
    Gaussian blur at 35.   Duplicate that layer and using the Move selected pixels Tool, rotate it for more coverage of the lines.  Do this again.
 4. Lower the opacity of the layers till you like the coverage, then merge the coloured layer down and change the remaining layer
to screen and increase the opacity as desired.
5. New Layer and make the first number 2 (I used Felix Titling text) with the color 229ACD at the desired size – I used size   192 and make it in the left side of you canvas.
6. New Layer and make the 2nd number 5 in a smaller size 144.
Merge your numbers and Align them centre.
7. Use Effects -  Object – Outline Object with white – then use AA’s Assistant.
8. You can then duplicate your lines layer again, and rotate for more coverage and lower the transparency accordingly.
http://i.imgur.com/H5UPAe0.png] [thumb]Link:http://i.imgur.com/7OrPWkZ.png

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