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How to use gradient?

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I want to add some gradient color effect to my picture, but as long as I draw the gradient circle, my picture disappears, Another thing I found is I cannot apply multiple gradient actions, as long as I draw another gradient, the previous one disappeared, I am really crazy now.


Here are my steps

1. Open Paint.net

2. Drag a picture into it

3. Select the gradient tool in toolbox

4, Select the radial mode.

5. Draw the gradient on my picture


after this step, my picture disappeared. If I undo this step in the history window, my picture show up again. but no gradient effect. 


What is the correct way to use gradient in Paint.Net?

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Without an active selection, the Gradient Tool will fill the entire layer.

Make a selection first using one of the selection tools. Then apply your gradient.

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Then it will fill the entire layer, obscuring any lower layers.

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Try setting one of your colours to a transparent one, that way if you use the gradient there will be your main colour which fades out to nothing. Is that what you're looking for?


Alternatively, you could put the gradient on a new layer and change the transparency of the whole layer.

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Try using the gradient on it's own layer. Then either adjust it transparency or play with the different blending modes. :)

See here for more info on layers :




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