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Aug 2014: Briamoth Update

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Hello all,


I'm not quite sure if many (or any) will remember me from previous years here. It's been about three and a half years since I've posted on here, so I'm sure some will have never heard of me, while maybe a select few have. Off the top of my head, I remember Possum Roadkill, HELEN, sokagirl, barbieq25, oma, Goonfella, Lance McKnight, theonlychad, EEE, and pyrochild. I'm sure there are others, but the names don't come to mind. I do remember welshblue, who I have discovered has been banned since my departure. While I can't speak for what happened since, I always remember him as a great PDN artist and the man who is responsible for introducing me to Chelsea FC, my favorite football team for the past four years. 


Secondly, I was to say thank you to this community of artists, coders, and everyone else. It was here that I discovered my passion for graphic design, and I assure you it has traveled with me ever since. It's been a big part of my life in the past and may become a bigger part in the future. Only time will tell, but it seems likely. 


As I near the move-in date for college, I've begun looking back on the past few years and what all has been included in them. One large part of my life was this forum and software. For years, it was a source of happiness and friendship which I did not find elsewhere in my life at the time. Recently, I've been more open about the mental state I was in back then because I realize hiding it doesn't make me a stronger person--it only made me weaker. This forum was a place of refuge for me then, and I can't express how much it meant to have you all here as a place of solace. 


Lastly, I want to try and repay the debt I owe to the members who were here back then by trying to help some of the others. While I can't send you all gifts to express my gratitude, I can try and be like you guys and offer help to those who might need it. So, with that being said, if anyone on this forum, whether you know me or not, ever needs to rant, seek advice, or simply tell someone about their problems, feel free to send me a PM about it. I'll do my best to respond to it and help as best as I can.


Thank you all,

Briamoth (Travis)

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Hey Briamoth, it's great to have you back with us on the forum!

I believe that people make this place. Sure paint.net brings us together, but its the friendly souls who make it work so cohesively.

There is a tolerance of others and a willingness to help around here that is quite rare. I love that.

This forum regularly delights me with its wonderful people, talented, sharing artists, coders and tech-heads. I've not met many of these people face-to-face yet it is so pleasing to call them my friends.

On a personal note, I'm really glad you're in a good space right now. Long may that continue.

Pax vobiscum (peace be with you)

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