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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Well... It's one of the greatest, most easily recognisable, coolest, cleanest, and best sigs on the site, nay, the internet! 10/10! :mrgreen:!

I know I've posted a lot on this topic, but I was instructed (sorry ComZ, I meant advised) to (by Commander Sozo, I think) make the text on my sig more visible, so... Here it is:




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@ Commander Sozo: sorry, wrong choice of words there... I think a better choice would be "advised"... Oh yes, and loving the sig. It's very nice and clean, but the reflection on it seems a bit blurred - 9/10!

@ Crazy Ninja: I don't really like it... It seems to be clouds and XOR, and there's not much to it at all... 3.5/10

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