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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Really nice, but you should add some border to it... white?

I personally don't like borders and only use them when it really makes the pic look better and to me I've seen it with a border which is not good.

Anyway, 7/10. It's missing something.

For Example?

Hehe, thank you, you're saving me time xD.

I like your sig a lot, only thing is perhaps arround the knight, the glow or something is strange. Also, you have a little less of that hexagrid and perhaps put that layer down behind the white clouds.



"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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7/10, the ink sketch really works for it and pineapple's pretty good, but it just isn't my style.

New sig to decide on, green...


...or not green?


I'll be having a sleep on it, but something doesn't look right.

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Fair enough, no green and when you say "the right hand shadow", do you mean the right side of the entire window or the right hand search box, the one which says 'Search Paint.NET Forum'?

And thank you for the high rating.

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My train of thought was if non-registered users see, click and read my signature it would have put that thought into their head, then if and when they join and start a new topic asking something mentioned umpteen times, they might think twice before posting that topic.

I would put a link to the Rules themselves, but I've noticed on other forums that it's usually moderators or the most senior member who does that, and I don't want to start treading on Rick, BB or CMD's feet, or have newer members assuming I'm higher than I actually am.

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Myrddin, your sig is good. I really can't explain what makes it so good besides the fact that it looks professional.

9/10 (cause nobody's perfect :] )

And, mine is currently still my first sig made with PDN. I used some tutorials, like Mad-Jigs (i think) cool text tutorial.


Holey bloody potato! I have a museum!!!--> S_D's Museum!! Clicky!

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Thanks MadJik, I'm ashamed of myself for such a mistake :oops:

MadJik: 8/10, I'm liking the fall out symbol, but the wood-like effect doesn't seem to match the style of the rest of the sig. It's not a problem though, still funky all the same.

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