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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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That was Tiller's

1:way too big for a sig

2: 5/10. I can't read the writing, but because you are new 7/10.

If you haven't noticed I have changed my sig and made it smaller....

I posted this when you had this in your sig!

Anyway Spike 8/10.

What rating would you give my new, current one?


My Internet Explorer 8 Concept....

My Deviant Art

My Forum

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The logo is nice, but i don't like the way the "Firefly" goes to the logo. It should have a gradient. But that's just my opinion.


I changed the whole thing. it's still based on the same concept, but it's all different. Rate away.

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Purple doesn't really match but if you like purple, I respect that. However, you could improve the edges by having a border or an unusual shape... like someone2016. Other than that, I like it :)


reasoning for sig rating EVER>

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It's good, but it just reminds me of the "Random lines" + all the effects in the distort folder I can find" sigs. Still, this one is different from most of these.


How do you like mine now?


"Ah, i love it when huge pineapples try to take over the world, it makes me sentimental :')"


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