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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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What do you mean I do not have one? I said "Rate my current please".

sorry, i realised my computer blocked images from that sight. fixed now. i'll rate yours and yy10

Chrisco: nice and simple c4d sig without a render. the text stands out a lot but the harshness of the white in the big yellow part seems a little off-putting. nice sig though 8.5/10

yy10: the colours are really nice and the render fits in with the c4d's greatly but there is so much going on that it took me a second to notice the render. she just dosnt stand out enough. 8.5/10

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It looks a little too..... experimental. The gradient bars and the subject matter themselves dont mix. Also the red gradient seems unnecessary. Sorry Hearts/TFPrime but it isnt your best work.


Rate my current?

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At first when I looked at your sig I saw no render and it took a bit to find. I think you should sharpen the render a bit more or just do something to make it stand out a bit more. Not bad overall though. 6/10


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@NinjaManDan Not really of my taste, but your sig definitely shows you've worked a lot on it. I only have a problem with the text looking a bit jaggy and being a bit difficult to read. So thar you go, 3.5/4 stars (cause it's different and that's what Roger "Messiah" Ebert uses) XD

NOTE: This sig (mine) is really the work of ten minutes and no imagination. Just wanted to join Paint.NET with a sig readyXD

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Really like the style. As much as I hate jags your style really uses the effect well. It's clean, neat and looks professional enough.

I see you have individual buttons to link to, try to integrate them inside your image. It's an effect I really enjoy to see being used.

So uh, 4 stars, as suggestions don't remove points.

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I'd say 7/10, almost 8/10

I like the simplicity and color scheme, but some parts seem a bit too blurry for my tastes :P

I changed my sig out for this. The image is actually a background, but I wanted to make a sig out of it. So I just did :P However it seems a little...fuzzy or something, doesn't it? Maybe it's just me...in either case I like the larger one better

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Dude...the background...it happened completely by accident. I've literally spent weeks trying to replicate it and I haven't come close yet...Beyond frustrating

I had a few more pieces in this work, but took them out for the sig's sake, since it didn't really work into it.

AH I see what you mean by simple/lacking.

I bet if I added some text in on the left side it would even things out, wouldn't it?

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