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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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It's good, but if I were you I'd crop about 10 pixels from top and bottom. I think you should also try to use another way of bringing up the character; the vignette doesn't look that appealing, try using blurring and sharpening instead. Overall I think it's a good sig, it has characteristics of a good sig but it has some issues that are easily solved.


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I like the other version of this sig better. I do not like the space on the left, and there is too much empty space. Try moving the render over to the left some...I also think this one is too bright. I will give it a 6.5/10. I give the other version an 8/10.


Rate my current please.

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that bug freaks me out! On numerous occasions I've reached for the monitor with my 'squash it' finger... lol

Tarat, at first I thought your sig was ordinary - and it is; but for some reason it continues to grow on me. I'll give it a 5 for design effort, but that in no way justifies my liking for it!;)


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It's nice. It has flow. I just wish you played with the design of the text a little more.

8/10 (I agree with Tarat on the rating)

Please rate one of the following. I dont know which I like better:



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um, u have no sig so i'll rate velocity

9/10 as it includes slight 3D, fire, speed, and a lot of stuff and looks good

EDIT: i think my pc my have gone retarded then, so i'll rate you again.

8.4/10 as it looks good but c4d stands out to much on the right and it seems to be WAY to over-sharpened

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