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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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I don't really like the shadow of the text, and the shapes are kind of weird. Idk, it's just... weird.

Try a render sig!

5/10... well if you made that shape thing in pdn, then 6.5/10.

Added vignete to my current, but didn't see anything wrong with the text/border.

EDIT: For some reason my avi looks darker... hmm...

TO be frankly honost, I don't like render sigs (although I can't rate through personal preferance). And yes, it was made from scratch in PDN.

Please, DON'T rate my sig, rate stone's!

EDIT: It is darker, maybe because of the auto-resizer affecting quality.

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Stone, as i said a couple hours ago... i like it :D

Mayor, I like the background. Is it a starscape on gaussian blur @30 px? :D:P XD

How many hours/days did it take to get that text right? I don't like the mono-chrome-iness (is that even a word?) It'd be awesome in colour.

8/..... 8.5/10, just because it's from Halo (I like Halo!).

Now... Rate mine, people of the thread!


Lol, actually, it took about 10 minutes B)

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You've lost all the highlights. :/ Also, your text is contradicting the movement present in the rest of the sig. Centred focal isn't bad, but it's hard to pull off.

In essence:

-work on the colours, brightness & contrast/levels/curves are all great.

-work on the text placement.

-work on the render placement.


Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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my render really isnt centered, it's just that the head is and his body is blended in so you cant really tell what it is. i added vignette as mayor said i should, but i dont really like it. and i think the text placement is good, as the sig doesnt have a "direction" really, basically everything moves away from the render, as the text does.

your text box doesnt show up well and neither does the text; it looks like it says Kema Speattfr.

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Great sig!

His left claw looks sort of out of place for some reason; it looks like a different color than the rest of him.. or not just color, but it stands out I guess; idk.

I don't love the "Chrisco97" text, I think it looks a little too plain. Oh and I think you should reduce the transparency of the color you used for the light source.

Other than that, it's really nice and the brushes and grimey-ness really match the render.


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Awesome sig tag. You've gotten good with gradiant maps. The blending on the left side looks great. I don't love the placement of the text, but I can't really think of anywhere better to put it myself.... hm... Maybe somewhere above his left shoulder and to our right a little bit.



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