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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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nice sig, good color on the c4d's and the blurring is good. 8/10

There's actually only one c4d in it, and its a very subtle red one on top of Samus. B) Everything else is The stock blurred and manipulated.

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It would be a lot better if you knew who buckethead was :P

Mayor; your sigs are getting worse! I loved the first Metroid sig! But, 8/10. Still good.

EDIT WTF? did stone ninja me? :D

Better with color. .01 out of 10. (^^)

No 7 out of 10. Like the text but not the :DesaturateEffect:

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Really boring. Hurts my eyes, no offense! 3.5/10

Mayor, I love this one A LOT better than the first one. Fantastic job! 9.5/10

Stone, you are getting better and better. 9/10

P.S. Do not rate my sig. I am making a new version of it. :)

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Best battle ever.

Mayor, easily you're best sig IMO. Text is improving, but too bad you don't have the starwars font. I like the text, not the font boltbait.smile.png

The blending is great, everything looks good.

Chrisco, 9.5/10. I don't give out 10s boltbait.tongue.png . Try a gradiant map using the color of the lightsource above the render's head (the aqua-ee color) for a 10/10!


(IMO, my current is better, the kanye sig was very quick and it doesn't have much flow... and I think it has better-looking blending than my current)

Edited by Stone85
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Are you kidding? No 10 becuase of the color of the top light source? lol man...

Love the sig, btw! 8/10. Bar is too high, and is on top of the render. Try to erase at the render to make it go behind it.

Lol no. I meant that if you added a g-map using a lighter color (like that color, because that was a very cool touch to the sig) I'd give it a 10.

Agreed about the bar being to high.

I'll add onto my rating boltbait.smile.png

Render placement is perfect, blending is great (especially on his/it's bottom right) and the effects on the render look great.

Edited by Stone85
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