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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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...LY absent. :P

Charming :) I'm going to get it changed once I can be stuffed creating a half-decent signature that doesn't make my PDN skills look like a hungover chimp on crack did it at 3:00 AM.

Ptuz, it's nice. do you think you could have the background contrasting with his armour?

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I changed my signature. HAPPY??!

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cool sig with a nice render and some good text. good blending, 8/10



Halo sigs=way overused

The render is too bright and doesn't match the background, the sig could use some blending, the text looks pasted on, and the border is too distracting. I like the background, but it doesn't go well with a halo sig and it's not the same color as the purple render.


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I've rated that before, but I'll add some more to what I said. Don't motion blur a background on a sig with a render/stock focal unless you're adding fractals and stuff and you've got a pretty bg and you set the layer to Addictive. The light source is quite umm... not very good and looks pretty random. Try adding light sources that blend with the render. For your sig, maybe you should make the right part of the render darker and the left part brighter. Then you can add a light source of the left part so that in blends in more. Cool. 7/10 :)


omg i want a rating dis time


sigs n stuff

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that is really really good Chrisco.

Only thing i can see that could need some work is the font for "Ghost Recon" looks a bit Aliased and the light source is a tad too strong.

Still its amazing work. 9/10



again, i took the photo aswell, so 100% my work.


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i just looked at my sig and realised that you can only see the observation deck of the Kyoto tower, but not the tower itself, looks like a UFO. Cannot Unsee!!!!

Not your best work, but props to you for using the Star Wars font.

i cannot tell what the focal is actually meant to be, it looks like it was copied on from paper, if you know what i mean.




took this photo aswell


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