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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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If it helps I did take the photo

also yours is very interesting,i like the texture you used in the background.

the text looks great too

If there is anything wrong the border is a bit large but other then that Amazing dude great work.




It sure does help, that is a great picture boltbait.smile.png

Agreed on the border.

Chrisco, keep the border. 9.5/10

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A few comments.. There doesn't really seem to be any real flow, and you put the light source on the top when looking at the render it would be coming from left and down a little. Other than that, the blending and effects in general are well put together. 7.5/10



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that is amazing sharp, it looks relatively simple at first glance, but now i think about it, there must have been a great deal of effort and time put into that..

the outlining of the text works really well. i like the way the blue gently fades out a little bit around the text in the middle.. great job 8.5 / 10

i made this one for a gaming website i regular.. and i know it's ridiculously over sized for a signature.. but it's closer to a signature than anything else.. :layzor:



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The text is amazing, i just thought i would throw that out there first because thats what i noticed, also, the render looks like its scrunched up at the top and its bothersome :/. But into more detail...

Text & Or Border 14/15

Color Scheme 7/10

Textures & C4d's 15\20

Compostion & Flow 12/15

Quality 7/10

Execution 8/10

Concept 8/10

Unique & Eyecatching 8/10

Overall 79/100 - C+

Please Rate:


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I'd give it higher than a 7.8 boltbait.wink.png

Mayor. I hate it. Kid Cudi's music is trash.

Kidding. Love it. Kid Cudi's one of my favorite rappers right now. Your text is getting better but I don't really like the way you smudged the collar.



Anyone got any tips on how to colorize a Black and White sig? I failed...


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