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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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@ Drgrit

It looks like some sort of psychedelic Tie Fighter from star wars.

Abstracts arn't really my thing so im a bit biased :P

The red and blue contrast way to much for my liking, but perhaps that was the point. The shaping is quite cool.

The quality is a bit iffy in the center.

Overall 7/10


I really really like this one, the texture is amazing, was it 100% PDN?

The text looks great.

Only thing that bothers me is that in the bottom left part of the text it goes abit purplish. Minor flaw.

Overall 9/10

EDIT: Damn LFC4EVER beat me to it.

Edited by Sfifer


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Simple, but interesting. 100% Paint.NET? If so, 10/10.



And yes, the border is a 2 px white border. :)

The 2 px border should be like this;

layer above everything, render border and shapes. IDK what color. Then magic wand inside. delete that layer. On the top layer (this is the last thing you do) do a white render border and shapes. Then, it blends in with the forum!


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