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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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I like the "Modern art" feel of your sig, plus the the mountain is great.

I can't rate Pyro's sig 'cause he aint' got one.

My sig was made in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't have time to make a proper one. I'm working on it though ;).

Don't review my sig again until I've finished my new one.


Someone rate mine.

Serious graphics up in that post. ;)
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Great sig. As I said in my pm, the sig could use lighting in only certain parts.


Rate mine. And I know my avatar is acting up, I added a new one to match my current sig, but, things went haywire.

Edit: I fixed it. I uploaded it onto tinypic, then it worked.

Edited by Gazek
Serious graphics up in that post. ;)
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First of all, i don't understand the obsession with putting diagonal lines in the background. Its quite annoying. (I see it everywhere but i just felt like pointing it out.)

Centered focal doesn't work in this case, doesn't blend well with the background, vignette is to strong, and the C4D's are rather flat. Now to pull away from being a negative Nancy,

The render is clean, Background fits nicely (except for the diagonal lines) and the text is pretty good.


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