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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Extremely basic, I don't see how hard it is to type in your username. There should, however, be more of the blood splatter thing at the bottom. The colors are fine and the transparency gradient at the bottom doesn't exactly work. The glass 'window' doesn't fit in at all. Sorry if I sound harsh. 1/10

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Nice, reworked links are great. 5/10

Oh BTW, Luther Keeler, I beg to differ about my signature. I understand that you have an opinion, etc, but could you tell me where you see aliasing?

And I suppose I should rate Luther's because I commented on his post, so Luther's is 3.5/10. Don't like the bottom or the flipped effect. Yes, I'm a harsh rater.

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Nice, how much of it was a stock?

If 100% PdN, outstanding! 7.5/10

I'm assuming the badges were stocks, if so could you link to the original image(s) used?

So if there were stocks, 6/10.

Nice BG too.


884ec156b530449fc027564bdf5ba4092g.jpg - Clickable thumb, feel free to download.

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The render was made in PdN?

If so, 11/10! Not 12/10 because I don't like B&W sigs.

But really? I don't believe the render was 100% PdN. Clarification needed. If not 100% PdN, then, blech. 4.5/10

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