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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Render is nice, maybe a color version? Font doesn't fit in though. The links at the bottom are definitely a nice touch, but there are better fonts to use than Arial, size 12 (or 10 or 14). 4.5/10

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You can't please everyone guys. Do what suits YOU best and you've got a winner. All three of you have great sigs, DZ has some very nice creativity in his/hers. Love the colors. Chrisco has nice features integrated into the sig very cool to put links in there and I like the font and the colors. Personally Ive seen enough game themed sigs, but that's my opinion. CSM you have a unique sig it looks simple yet I know it wasn't. At least for me it wouldn't be. Nice color scheme and glossy look is great.

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You need get some inspiration, look at a lot of examples of what you want to do, then spend a good amount of time on your signature.

Then again, I understand if you want to have a simple signature up asap, rather than not have one at all, and wait till you make a really nice one.

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