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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Nice sig. I really like the neon like glow of the rope thing. Also, I noticed that if you stand up and look at your monitor, you see a really faint blue glow. I think that you should make the glow a LITTLE brighter, don't over do it. Just make it bright enough so that it's a bit clearer. Also, a bit more effects would be nice. 7.7/10

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The simplicity is great, the aliasing on the shaft could use some touching up, but the sig is awesome nonetheless, especially when taken in with the quote. 7.5/10 (Fix that aliasing for an 8.5) :wink:

*Or is that not aliasing? It's really hard to tell, but either way, it looks pretty odd.

I've tried to make arrows before, but I could never get the fletchings right, how'd you do it? :P



(Click top half for DeviantArt gallery) (Click bottom half for Paint.NET gallery)

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Actually, I drew the basics with a pencil and just scanned the imaged in. Then I coloured it and did some lighting effects on PDN. The fletching is all pencil done. Makes it MUCH easier. Theoretically, that could be an interesting technique for grayscale pictures. Doing shading and details with pencil, scanning in, doing effects on PDN, printing out, doing more pencil, scanning back in, etc. etc. Hmmm.

The aliasing issue I'll try and fix. Thanks for pointing it out.

P.S. Rate Zieon Eslador next.

P.P.S. The fletching could be done with smudge, too!


- Any thoughts? -

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@Zieon Eslador: Your signature is very simple, which in my book is a good thing. However, to my tastes, it seems bland. Perhaps some changes like a better font, or something cool in the signature to focus on would be an improvement. 6.8/10

Next person, please rate this:


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Hmm, the background's kinda ok, in an abstract way. The zoom blur on the quote is distracting though. Personally, a signature based on (and complementing) your avatar would be way cool. 6/10

I've edited my last entry, and here it is, redone:


Any comments on the color? It doesn't seem quite right to me.

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Interesting Sozo -- looks like one of mine (not implying you borrowed it, I realize it's a rather common theme)

I think the text effects are excellent, the shadows and highlights are just right - and I love the rotation - it gives the whole image an interesting flow.

Now as far as the color goes, I think it works. Maybe if it were hued a bit closer to gold or yellow instead of red it might look a bit happier, but what it seems to me you've got going on here is grungy anyway, so I say stick with it if that's what you want :)

Oh, and I hate ratings, but I'd have to say:



Needs Work

Nothing Special


EDIT: Here's kinda what I mean, lemme know what you think:


Increased local contrast, RGB Curve adjustments (added a hint of blue to bottom right corner basically), soften portrait for stronger highlights.

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

PDN Gallery | I Made a Deviant Art!

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Nice sig, creativity FTW! :D You need to work on your colours, blue + orange and yellow = no good sig. However, I like those things you did, especially the the splatter. Finally, the yellow things at the side are a bit faint and I think they should be sharper. 7/10



sigs n stuff

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