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pretty kool idea i like the concept, the text is a bit hard to read and the white gradient is a bit too strong but other than that it's excellent 8/10 from me, keep it up :D


Simplicity For The Win!

Sig Battle Wins: ||


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The colours used are really nice. The solid black strip and the thin transparent line on the left look a little out of place? There's a big change in lightning on the right, from quite bright to quite dark that is a little weird also. I like your little menDo tag :)



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nice sig. i like the colours very much! tho the text is totally killin it lol. maybe you should just add a brownish text or not add text cos i doesnt quite fit. this is yr best sig btw. :) and maybe you should move the c4d at the left closer to the render, cos now i think it looks as if there's a c4d popping out of no where lol. 7.5/10


sigs n stuff

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