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I like the concept of what lurks beneath the ice and i also like the way you encorporated the links into your sigt, but personally i think you could of made being beneath the ice better, i find that its too blurry and looks like theres to much noise, but then again ive never looked up from underneath ice. :P 7.5/10 personally i think ive seen better from you

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You've got your depth inverted (unless you actually meant for it to be that way) - your background is sharp and your foreground is blurred :P

I see what you were trying to do with the fx in the front, and they do help with the overall flow of the sig, but I think (Screen?) the blending mode doesn't work as it is.

You might want to work on the color composition as well - the render and background seem to kind of clash at this point - try to use more complimentary colors.

Also, the text distracts from the focal - eyes can't decide where to look.

So, overall, it's not done yet, you should continue to work on it, but good start.




Needs Work


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The colors work, but you should really focus on your render some some. It's extremely blurry and I think it should be centered more. You should also try putting your text closer to your render. Keep going though. :wink:

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Rather trippy Frontcannon. :)

Here are a few things I note: the Frontcannon text needs to standout a bit more, with the color that it is, it's a bit hard to distinguish. I'm a fan of a solid standout border, but that's a matter of my preference. And the image itself seems a tad blurry. My rating: It's ok, but it could be better. For example, I bet you could do some really cool stuff with fractals (Apophysis/Chaoscope/etc.)! :)


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You could possibly move the render and text to the left, so that the left side isn't as empty. The text is nice, but a little blurry. Possibly think of changing the background colour to fit in with the render a little more, the pink is a tad weird, and make sure that the render is clearly visible against the background (black and black is a bit hard to see). Overall 5/10, a few improvements would make it much better.


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Cool sig. With the stars in the background, try making some of them purple, and some of them white, and make them a little brighter, then add a faint vignette. The text looks cool, nothing I would change there. For the thing in the BG, try adding some color variation. I think it would look better if there were highlights/lowlights that were a different color. 9/10

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I like the Daft Punk theme, but it's just way too bright.

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