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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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and accidental version


edited version


EDIT: sorry, didn't know you had to rate the above poster's current sig...

8.5/10 nice, except i think there are too many lines.. and the text gets blocked.


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waffle, you didn't rate Sharp's? You just posted yours. :| I'm going to rate Sharp's.

Sharp: Nice sig! It blends so well! I just don't like those lines covering the text. 8/10


1. Nice sig. Add a border. Add something to the background. Maybe a picture of a military base or something? Then make you can blur it. The text is a bit strange too. I don't think rotating text are good. Try making your sig B&W, it would look sick! 6.5/10

2. Like what I said about first sig but this one is way too contrasted. 6/10


sigs n stuff

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Hello everybody, not trying to nag but I want to once again stress creative criticism in this thread, not trying to take a dig at you Axle but I personally think responses like;

8.5/10 nice retro look on them with b\w

won't end up helping the member develop their style and skills as much. You don't have to listen to me but I think that rating's should be more than one sentence long, and include what you like and don't like and possibly an addition or change you think the piece of art could benefit from. Please don't just throw together some rubbish because you've got a new sig you want rated. Take a look at yy10's posts the ones I've seen are quite good examples of creative criticism. May I stress that I don't say this to put anyone down, but I truly think members will benefit and grow from this thread more if the standard of each post is higher.

TPBM rate Axel's please.


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I would say that one sucks. Black and white sigs are hard to pull off. I like the background in it but it still seems like it is missing something overall i give it a 8/10.


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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holy cow Sharp! thats a nice futuristic one you got yourself. i think that there isn't really that much there that could be improved 9.6/10 preferably a different colour

>>Extra>> i think that Sharp and Dark.Shock would have to be the best sig makers on this forum (that come to mind right now) and i like all of your work

EDIT: is this more to your liking?


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Looks like someone took a look at my border tutorial. The text and style is nice, but the diagonal live are a bit distracting and too thick.


Please rate:


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Rating Sharp's.

I really like it, and the use of transparency and the shading's of black/grey are nice. A couple of things I notice is that your little tag in the corner is a bit too hard to read, and there are some semi-transparent dark rings emanating out from the sphere in the middle which look out of place against the smooth gradient background (at first I thought the gradient was the problem). The overall contrast of the image is maybe a little low so possibly the purple could be brightened a touch. It's very smooth and nice, 9/10 :)


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