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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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I looked at it and didn't like it, but then a second look changed my mind :)

My only real gripe is that there's a bit of :AntiAliasingOff: around the place, and that there's something blurry going on with the top of the orange guy's head that is really visible against the white border. Colour is used quite nicely with both the text and the make-up of the image, and the border is quite nice with the use of transparency, even though white borders aren't my thing. 9/10 :)

And person rating my sig for goodness sake don't say "lack of colour." It is intended.


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The c4ds are too sharp, and I don't like how the silver one covers up a third of the render. And it has a bit too many different colours. You should stick to one or 2 colours only. Like orange and red? Also make your background bigger. It's currently too small and it covers up part of the shadow. It looks a bit weird. 5.5/10





3 pretty lame sigs. :mrgreen:


sigs n stuff

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7.6/10. Fine as it is, just not too sure about how much of the empty space is showing. Black is the absence of color so maybe a little less. Like the text, just hard to read the second word.

I got tired of renders and c4ds so I thought I'd make an abstract signature. Usually come out horrible when I try this because nobody likes a bloody mess and I hate simplicity, well, when I use simplicity hehe.

So here we go:


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