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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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i love your work flip those tranprant bar thingys you sue are always so cool :)

i give you 8/10 for your sig, personally i think its a little plain in the top and at the right, also im not sure if that bar down the middle is a little to stand out or not.


some i made a couple of days ago and forgot to show :P

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very nice, real simple but i like simple. I also like how it goes from black to the green. but you could have made it a .png and made the white background transparent, or done something with it, Perhaps some random pipes or something. overall good job for a second sig. 8/10.



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i like the idea, but the right hand side looks abit plain most of it is just the same shade of blue, also maybe use a contrasting colour for the text instead of just black and white. 7/10

Next poster rate :


like this one quite abit :)

/ you do think it should replace my current sig?

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There's no border, so it just ends abruptly, and the background is too choppy. (You need more :AntiAliasingOn: )

Although, the background is interesting. I'm wondering how you made it... :idea:


EDIT: Damn, I forgot to make a sig to post!! WAIT A SEC!!

EDIT2: Aha!


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Looks good although I don't like the background, it makes the image busy. 7.5/10

My avatar and signature contained images that were not "family-friendly", so BoltBait was kind enough to remove them.

I should probably read the rules for this site before updating them.

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