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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Love it. 8.5/10

Its better cos its Torres, but its still great. The stripes in the bg are great, but maybe have them flow through him instead of just behind him. Maybe add some light effects in the foreground, and add some gradient maps. Great colours though! :)

Link to the stock plz? :P

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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1st one: 7.7 I liked it, And the colors were good, But it just seems average, or I don't know how to put it, Original.

2nd: 9.4 I really like it, I think its creative, Would have maybe gotten a 9.7 but it sorta seems just like blurs and smudging, But overall nice outcome!

Rate my current sig, Can you believe it I made it myself =O lol

The post above probably has crappy art.. Just look past that

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:shock: I love the effect! It's almost grayscale but has a little bit of saturation, I normally don't like that but it works so well here! Only thing I can suggest is maybe soften up the edges of the selection of the render in the middle, they're a little rigid. Great work!


Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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7.5/10 Kinda good, but your thread title is a little "April Fools-y". Since it's over, I think you can change the title back to the way it was before! ;)


"Yep! Everyone loves dogs! And most of us love to know what heaven looks like! But however, there's one who thinks that "All Dogs Go to Heaven"! And that's me!" --Myself

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It's hard to tell lol. :)

I really like the background (even though I'm pretty sure its not all PDN) but I think there could be a different way to distinguish the text at the bottom corner other than that grey smudge behind it... a good 7.8/10


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