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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Very nice. Looks like it's real o_O 10/10. The avatar is awesome too.

Rasengan: I like the computer-like .... texture (in lack of a better word). Apart from that it's pretty simple. If you made the computer thingy 9.5/10 but if you didn't 6/10. But you probably did make it.



And also my current one if you please :D

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AWESOME! :twisted: Very abstract, and it's soooooo original. Hardly anyone has those

kinds of sigs. The colors are also perfect, and so is the text.

Though, that's a loooottt of c4ds. :shock: 100.999999999/101



We should all be... Alive...




|Lightning|My Dome|Pokemon sig tut|

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I like that one! Very nice feathering on the render, GREAT blending and smudging, and the abstract cd-like things at the bottom look great and are a nice touch, but the most prominent one, in front of Kabutops, could use a *little* blur to smooth the line. ;)


(BTW, there's only one render in my sig, lol xD



-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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Anyways, the blending is a little bit too strong and it needs a gradient map. Text stands out too much from the focal point so you might wanna make it smaller or just use a thinner font like Century Gothic. The lighting needs some fixing and the border should go. XD

Although, like the BG and the composition a lot!



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