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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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I like it,

But its Somewhat Wierd Because its Hard to see the whole sig when its all lightblue, but its your taste, aint' gonna complain on it.


Smart and intelligent post. Don't complain about other peoples tastes!

@King. I like it. The colors are nice, and the shading on the render is very good. Border is nice,

and so is the glowing flower. I don't see anything wrong with it. 10/10

P.S. Someone, I won't say who, asked me to come back, so, here I am.

P.S.S. Rate KING until I come up with a new sig.

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Nice abstract and completely original. TELL me you made it!

If you did, 11/10.

If you didn't, 2/10. (come ON!!)



Oh, and if you think the background is crappy, thats because I edited it from a book cover.

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Who do I rate?

I guess since I already rated yours, becauseIwantedto, I'll rate Gamers.World.

@Gamer_World: I like it, as I told you in my gallery, but since you didn't take that picture, it brought it down from

11/10 to 9/10. Still very original!

MY old Mistborn sig sucked, so here's a new one:

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Not sure who to rate.

Flow, yours is pretty great: easily a 9/10. I've never understood the black bars at the top and bottom though.

BecauseIWT: I believe I've rated yours before but I'll comment anyway. I liked the text on the other version of your sig that you posted here.

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I just love this sig, 10/10! Great job, really looks amazing ;) Would you suggest any tutorials for making a planet like that?

Edit: Wait, I have a suggestion, try adding a glow around the planet so it looks like an atmosphere and then blends better into the background

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How did you get that "shine" on the planet Sozo?

@Gamer: I like it. I think it does count that you made the terrain in Terragen. I give it a 9.8/10 since I frakking LOVE orange. :D

Rate current one and:


^^^^^^^I'm going to work on this one some more, and also I'm gonna size it down later.


Yes, I love that barcode plugin. :)

P.S.: Why'd they only change like half of the emoticons? Strange. :roll:

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Perhaps too many colors, you need a certain variety to stick to when making signatures. Too many colors can crash a sig.

7/10, pretty good though, I can see what you were going for just a little more work on the implementation and you'd have it.

Well this was...an abstract/grudge signature that got way out of hand:


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Since I suck badly at pointing out bad and good points, I'll just post it in bullet form.

-Is the face supposed to be distorted?

-The render isn't aligned with the flow. The transparent other is though.

-The color doesn't really match as well. The blue cape should be changed to a dark brown color.

-The lighting could be fixed also. It seems to be shining up rather than shining to the right.

-Blending must be fixed.

But, I really really like the composition of the signature, so, I'll give ya an 8.5/10

EDIT: I was rating Minoe's signature. Looks like I posted a little bit late. :P'

EDIT 2: Since I had a lot of time, I commented on pete's two signatures. [located below]

Since I suck badly at pointing out bad and good points, I'll just post it in bullet form.

First One:

-Color is too strong and the flow somehow looks it's flowing in opposed directions.

-Blending needs more work.

-Lighting is strong


Second One:

-Love the color. a lot better than the first one. :P

-The flow matches with the render! :]

-The light source is dull. It could use some more brightness.

-The right part needs a bit of blurring as it attracts me more than the render. Although just fixing the lighting would remove this problem.


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Good concept, but needs more work.

The background needs something. A stock photo, abstract "mess", smudging, a pattern... Just as long as it's something. :) Black just won't work. At the moment the focal point (=the place you want everyone to focus on. In your sig it is the clock) is on the right, but your text is on the left edge. Placing your text far from the focal makes it hard to choose where to look at. Putting it near the focal and lowering its size helps with this.

Right now I would give your signature a 6½/10.

Keep it up, practise a lot and you'll get the hang of it. :)

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