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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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6/10 for effort. The outcome wasnt too bad but PDN can make some realistic spaceships so this square thing is rather annoying.

Check this out:


That one took me a few days, every square is a different gradient and drawing the outline itself took up a day.

Just saying, could be better.

This ones kinda old, but still my favorite, rate:


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realistic spaceships

I'm afraid you don't understand the sig, it is about imagination. Everyone can see a perfectly drawn rocket and say "ah it's a rocket".

Your space ship although looks very good^^

Your sig also looks good. It deserves maybe more than this but I give it an 8.5/10 because it's not in a style I like.

The next poster should also rate king's for that reason.

EDIT: @Juraiko1324: Is that intentionally? In your sig there are 2 lines of transparent in the lower left corner. This is your alpha mask (black means transparent, white means opaque). If not you should probably fix that ;)


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I already rated yours, and I still it give it the same score.(I think it was an 8/10) However, I noticed that there isn't really a border to the sig. Even though the background is mainly black, it seems like it is missing a border. Either way, it's still pretty good!

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Good looking sig. The only issues I see are the text, which seems quite out of place, and the fact that it doesn't have a border, which is a matter of my personal preference that you don't have to take to heart. 8/10

I was inspired by Crimson's 1000th post sig, please rate:


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