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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Its not a bad sig. You could give it depth, and add more effects, and flow. Put the text somewhere else too, but otherwise its pretty good. ;)




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Wow, I like this one, nice concept of the squares, and also really like the colors and the renders. If you made all the renders, 9.4/10; if not, 7.6/10... also try adding a border of some sort ;)

EDIT: Updated my sig with some changes with K_I_N_G's advice :D

New version:


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7.8/10, it doesn't seem realistic but its a nice effect. Sorta like a cartoon (very little resemblance but that's what I see)...well its different to say the least and the final outcome wasn't too bad.

Uh, well I kinda went overboard on the blending with this one, can you see the render? Rate:


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:) It looks great, and the coloring is sharp

-------rate this--------


it's suppose to be a burned piece of paper signature

edit: An explanation for becauseiwantedto as he/she pointed out the coloring around the text. The coloring was to give it a more realistic feel as every time i have burned something with ink on it the ink separates into colors.

edit: used becauseiwantedto's suggestion.....I think someone could of done it better....but i am still new to paint.net


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the text being grey makes it relatively highlighted and anything that is highlighted should be symmetric (either centered or have a counterpart on the other side).

That's a fairly antiquated design idea. Balance is important, yes, but the "counterpart" to the text in that signature is the stuff on the far right.

TPBM: Skip me. Rate Negrumir. (Whose sig is really good, by the way)

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