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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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I like them, so i'm going to actually LOOK at it for about a minute,

then think of an honest rating that shall take up 5 minutes of my time.

1. I like the text, and the smudge is cool. The blur is nice, and the background works.

The effects are great, and original. (Except you make a lot of these...)

The little specks of light do wonders for it, and add a nice touch! I just

noticed that the blurs go over the text, and that just added to it even more.


2. I like the hard smudge on the gun and the robot. Nice render, and the depth is perfect. Though,

there isn't much to say about this one as your other one. (After starring at it back and forth for five minutes.)


Next person rate Petewolfbane.

We should all be... Alive...




|Lightning|My Dome|Pokemon sig tut|

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@PDW, that's pretty cool man. Gives it an under-water feel too it. Idk if its just me but it seems to be calling out for something to be in it besides text. Give it an 8/10, its a piece of art but I wouldn't use it as a signature.

@Minoeman, red and green...not too sure about this one. 6/10, simplistic stuff takes a different sort of finesse and it doesn't seem to have that touch. It needs more, or if you go with the simplistic way, it needs less but to be nice without a lot. Either way takes a certain point of view, this is somewhere in between to me. Course, different folks and what not.

Not one of my best works, but another product of boredom:


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To be honest, it really looks sort of rough. Also, I really don't think the joker font works with that ><

I would recommend making one that flows better, has a more united scheme, and looks a bit smoother. Maybe try reading up on some of those old legacy tuts, eh? Anyways, no hard feelings, but I really think you can do better (especially considering your avatar. ^^) so, I give it a 3.9/10 =X


-I may have not been here when you passed away, but you will be missed.-

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Don't rate mine I forgot to say that in my last one, this is just something my cousin made, he's five humor him :lol:

So the first one is really nice, I like the wispy feel. 9/10

The second one is great, I like the irony, but the blank spaces should be shaded a little, maybe blur the edges of the sections. 8.8/10


Changed the text in the signature yay!

PDN gallery!

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@M2lucky, thats cool as hell man. 9.7/10. Just love that one.

@Becauseiwantedto, at first glance I thought it was complete abstract but now that I take it all in its an eye. The blue over it makes it look...not blurry but hard to make out. Like looking through a fog. You can change the color without lowering the quality. I like the general idea but the execution wasnt so great. Give it a...6.8/10, its good and has potential, just could be better. Try making the eye easier to see, the text is hard to make out, the green text in the bg would look a little better if it was more transparent and perhaps not so randomly placed. Like I said, potential, but a little more work.

Rate this one guys:


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That's really awesome, and it really works with the background.

All it needs is a border . . .


----------------. . . Smile . . . tomorrow will be worse . . .----------------


---------------------. . . I'm a guy of simple tastes . . .----------------------

-------------------.:My Forever Maturing Gallery:.--------------------

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