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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Disappointingly enough, I can't see your sig. :( As a matter of fact, I can't see Jake's or Chris's either.

Do you use tinypic?

Yes, I use tinypic when I'm in a rush, Mostly Photobucket, But lately I have been using Tinypic, But why? Is there something wrong with Tinypic?

Well, I can't see it. But other than that, I guess not.

Okay, I'll upload it to Photobucket from now on.

The post above probably has crappy art.. Just look past that

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I like yours. The textures the colour and shape of the logo and all that stuff is good, I'm just not sure (not that I don't like it) about the curve on the border. It's like when someone draws a 3d shape, my mind sometimes plays tricks on me and the perspective goes all out of whack, like that spinning dancer thing. Try experimenting with different things for the border, like parallelograms (with or without the bits that are cut out) and normal rectangles, see what you like better.

Really good though 8/10

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Okay, that's kewl. (cool)

I like the line effect, and the text saying 500 post. (I'm going to make a sig for my 300 soon) 9.5/10

(It's just hard to make out the 500, but wtf? It's awesome!)

We should all be... Alive...




|Lightning|My Dome|Pokemon sig tut|

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I really like the concept, looks like I'm looking into an aquarium. Nice colors and effects. The line through the middle could be a little less blurry and maybe try adding a little shine to the glass ;)

:mtdew: :mtdew: :mtdew: :mtdew: 4/5




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