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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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wow nice job onn the colours and smudging, but the render is a bit to small for my taste and its to monotone.

still great job:7.5/10



The background is pretty good, but the render should be blended more into the background. You should also change the blend mode of those two Fragments.

E: stupid me, I forgot to rate it. 8/10 for this, 9-/10 for the v2. :) Good job.

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The text is blurry. =/ I don't like the overall mono of it. 6.7/10






Its a different style. It is more of a photo-manip then my usuall style. I'm not liking the text, I think its a bit distracting, but I am pretty proud of it.

Note: This is not my SDOTY entry.

Edit: Why in the world is this such low quality. It really looks like this:


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Try duplicating the render, moving it about 5-20 pixels to the left and smudging the bloody potato out of it. Repeat on the right side. Should make it blend better with the background. Maybe a zoom blur at about 10 to make it flow. Try tweaking the color using luminosity on curves to make it stand out a bit more from the background. A different border may also help.

6.8/10. So you could make this signature 32% better and then it would be a masterpiece. (Remember people, the rating is between 1-10, not 5-10. Too many posts giving horrid works a 5 rating). My work isnt anything special, just thought I'd point out that being harsh on rating gives the person more understanding on what to do.

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Needs a lot more clouds to give it a grunge feel, and needs sharpening to make it feel realistic. The liquid is cool, though. Deserves a good 8.2/10. I feel it would jump to 9+ if you get a more realistic feel to it.

Rate: download/file.php?id=3596&mode=view

Due to low quality uploads of other sites, this is the only way that you can view it.

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mhh i don't really like it, the blue isn't matching or it is too strong, the walls are too near together, the sig has no flow and the render looks LQ, the text is ok. is it a tutfollower from sigresource ?


you did way better before ;)

edit: oh i see the site before..

but i like your current. nice colors and good flow, maybe a little bit too blurry and bright


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I actually wrote that tut. :wink:

I'd say for yours, you need to blur the b&w render. It would give it an amazing jump in depth. 7.2/10

Edit: Also, a sig doesn't need to have a blurry background to have depth. If the focal is sharpened then your eyes will look at the focal before you look at the wall. I said it was more of a manip then an actual "Flow,depth,light" sig.

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@ survulus: I liked the lens glare thing that you added to the star to make it look bright, it looks pretty cool. One plugin I suggest you use for the stars in the background is called Sparkle. With this plugin, you can add even more of a glare effect to the final product which will make it look like more of a starry night. I also like the color choice of the sig, 9/10. Very simple, yet effective sig.

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