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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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7.5/10 This one has more style than your previous ones certainly. The only problem I have is that firstly the border could be more consistant, it only seems to go part of the way around the image. Secondly it'd be nice to see some experimentation with transparency and layers there.

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i like the graphics in it (the 1:00$ thing)

But it seems out of place w/ the background and text.

Maybe make a transparent background, then the text replacing the 1.00$

I made it for my 100th post :lol: #100

Anyway it went out kinda messy.

@PyroTechniques: The colors are a little bit strange and the text is hard to read. 7/10

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The tartan/burberry style texture is quite realistic and nice, but i'm not liking the composition of the sig. I like the idea of the 100 Posts bit floating, but maybe you could put the 1 & the first 0 closer - theres quite a big gap between them IMO. I don't really like the wood text of 100 posts. It looks like you just put it there for the sake of it. Some edges are a bit :AntiAliasingOff: too, as you've used magic wand. All in all, its quite a good sig, just needs a bit of "patching" up.

I haven't rated a sig or even made one in ages... lousy school.. >:(

Merry Christmas


.::.My Gallery.::.Make Gold Text!.::.

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