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Good style, Nice text. Very good choice of render, 8/10 i like the grunge type of effect in the background

Quite good since you are still playing with the effects. And you're a beginner. Um... the text is too visible and attracts too much attention. It looks more as if it was slapped on just for the sake of it. The composition of it is fine but try changing the colour for "free" and a different colour for "mason" other than a totally black. Stick with the dark colours since the style is grunge. Type the text words each on a different layer and for each one change the opacity so it would give a nice effect. Or you could get a transparent gradient of any kind and just lightly put it on the text. Lightrays doesn't really match with what you're doing much. The clouds are fine but the colours and effects need work. Use plugins which give grunge effects such as vignette, soft portait, blurs, and some of the effects in adjustments (should be included in plugin packs which are stickied in the plugins forum). Overall, good job, and effort. 7/10. Keep working hard.



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