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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Like jiZer said, I like the sig also, just not really the colors. . . also, I think that if you did a water-reflection on the 100+ you should also do it to the i survulus part. A little more elaborate border would be nice :D although I like the background texture 8/10

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I changed the colour, tried black and white but didn't really work, when I made it I wanted it to be very bright a crazy. But thanks anyways.

As for the sig, 7/10. I dunno about the image, it's done a lot and the way it's come out in the image doesn't quite appeal to me, though the effects around the image are very nice.

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yeah its from my sound wave work in my gallery, there isnt much else to do to it. but yes, it is gradient bars, good spotting. anyways, an 8. the text is well structured, and well made, and the background is the same.


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