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Rate the sig of the poster above you!

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Comes from a tut, a good tut but you've taken some of the elements out of it and it'd be nice if you experiment around with it, with colours, direction of those ines, border, you know, just to make it your own style of thing. 6/10.

And to Pete: Thanks for the tips, but by that do you mean it sort of needs some smoothing up on what main section? Or the ornaments? I'm not sure, I could maybe feather them a little.

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thanks gamer for the heads up, if u know wat i mean, and uh yerh i got a bigger one till the forum thing told me not bigger than 150px. And uh, ur sig, to me ill giv it ahh, a 5 out of 4 :D

~ Speak when you are angry - and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret. ~ Dr. Lawrence J. Peter


-Made with Paint.NET

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Ohh right thnak you hyrule, I see what you mean. Yeah, it was meant to have a sort of wrecked look to it, sort of sharp look, but if that doesn't go best.... :P

As for that sig.... it just isn't my thing. I don't like the flatness of it and the colours are a bit too overpowering. And the concept doesn't quite appeal to me. Sorry to say. :P

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