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Rate the sig of the poster above you!


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Its a bit simple, you just darkened the car and put in text and borders,

but your sig says your a beginner and ill say I made crapper sigs in my time lol

so anyways 6/10 (do the background a bit and try to get a hold of a render next time

they are much easier to work with)



"Maltese by colour, Catholic by heart, Paint.net by mind."

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Well, I changed the whole sig, but thanks anyway :) And your sig is really cool, I like the unusual placement of the text and the subtlety of it all... hard to rate it though, perhaps 10/10. That's 2 in a row, but hew, there are a lot of perfect sigs around here.

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A definite improvement from the last sig, and easier to make out, except it seems a little rough around the edges (literally). Try make it smoother and maybe tone down the saturation a tiny bit. 8/10.

I've changed something in my sig, anyone notice what it is? :wink:


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I think the shine on it is more prominant....

And that sig, Simon Brown, though it's pretty dark... I do like it, it just... has a nice style to it, y'know. 8/10.

And thanks for the tips on the sig, always appreaciated... as for the rough around the edges part, do you mean the border round the font, or the pic or..?

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